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The Astor Company As the Zero Waste Partner of Walgreens

"The Astor Company is helping Walgreens to address challenges, such as working to ensure the Zero Waste to Landfill program is compliant with laws and regulations and establishing vendor partners for more complicated waste streams, including organic wastes and label backing."

Source: Walgreens Boots Alliance Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017

The Astor Company advanced Walgreen's Zero Landfilling objectives through pilot programs.

As a sustainability consulting partner of Walgreens on their Zero-Waste to Landfill pilot project, The Astor Company successfully controlled the volume of waste from Walgreens into landfill to half in 2017. The pilot program's results proved the efforts of our professionals in understanding challenges and needs of the client as well as their expertise, when we were customizing programs compliant with regulations and exploiting their sustainability potentials. Based on the current achievements, The Astor Company will continue to add value, by implementing this pilot program to four other locations of Walgreens.