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Sustainability Consulting

The Astor Company offers full suite corporate sustainability consulting services to help you set up sustainability blue prints along with action plans and follow-up reports.

Strategic Road-mapping
Materiality Assessment

To determine scope and potentials of sustainability programs, we start by a materiality assessment, which measures the current state of sustainability practices along with other factors valuable to both stakeholders and shareholders of your businesses, such as financial, operational and social risks and opportunities.


As more companies invest both capital and human resources into green initiatives, it is common that businesses want to but could not know where they stand in the 'market'. The Astor company lends a hand by comparing multiple aspects of your practices, such as product cycle, supply chain management and carbon footprint, to those of your peers, competitors, industry standards and objectives. The product of our benchmarking services is a SWOT analysis for you to better visualize your success so far and to contemplate how to shrink the gap further more.

Goal Establishment & Strategy Development

After preliminary assessments, The Astor Company will engage key stakeholders to draft a road map and a time line of next steps to either close the current gap or keep leading among competitors. After clearly defining both long and short term goals, we will work with you to develop action plans, performance indexes, review schedules and periodic training sessions.

Efficient Execution and Transition

Ambitious sustainability initiatives often fall short because they are either unrealistic or companies lack the expertise to apply them. The Astor Company is confident the program we design can be quickly implemented, because we execute them for you. Once we design your ideal program, our professionals go to work and put ideas into motion, guiding your operations through efficient transition, facilitating:

  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Facility Improvement
  • Waste Mitigation
  • Recycling Program
  • Carbon Footprint, Consumption and Waste Metrics

Among The Astor Company's greatest strengths is the ability to integrate vital program elements in the most cost-effective and seamless way possible with minimal disruption to your work flow. You will experience the rewards of superior efficiency immediately, as wastes become cash flow and productivity improves. Your company will also begin reaping the benefits of corporate reputation as a socially, financially and environmentally responsible business.

Engagement & Training
Staff Education

The success of a well designed and implemented sustainability program is also dependent on the collaboration and efforts from staff at your company. The Astor Company offers hands-on training before as well as during the program to ensure each employee who will work around sustainability programs have a solid understanding of why and how programs will be running. Employees will also be instructed to track the performance of programs and report any unusual observations or issues to us for immediate resolutions.

Sustainability Reporting
Reports & Disclosures

Periodic reporting not only helps companies to pay closer attention to environmental and social aspects which are essential to their business operation and stakeholders, but also motivates them to establish a responsible corporate image. Based on their needs, The Astor Company assists clients to work on various reports under different guidelines and frameworks, such as Corporate Social Responsibility report (CSR) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The increased transparency and responsibility reflected through those report are just what investors and the market are looking for.