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The Astor Company customizes and refines programs for businesses with specific sustainability vision and in various industries.

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Sustainability Audit

The Astor Company can provide a complete environmental audit of existing operations, new constructions or construction-in-progress.

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Recycling Management

The Astor Company’s origin as a recycling company has made us an industry expert, as evidenced by our comprehensive recycling and waste removal programs.

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Data Analytics

The Astor Company uses our dashboard in conjunction with our efficient processes, to collect, display and analyze all data for program review and adjustment.

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Sustainability Program Design
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As the "Green" philosophy is promoted and addressed more by the public, corporate sustainability comprises an increasingly essential part of a business's public perception and competitive advantages to gain market shares and brand loyalty. Furthermore, its benefits go beyond sustainability aspect to risk management, process optimization and opportunity exploration.
Initiating or modifying a corporate sustainability program is far from simple and fast. A professional and dedicated team, like the Astor team, composed of consultants and practitioners, who measure the baseline, vision the blueprint and set program details, are indispensable.
Based on a McKinsey's global survey, businesses integrating sustainable view into corporate practices and management intend beyond reputation concerns. Companies look forward to higher operation efficiency, cost reduction, energy savings, innovative processes and environmental compliances through both short and long term efforts into sustainability activities.
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