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Value-Adding Services

The Astor Company's value-adding services intend to provide greatest operating efficiency and cost savings to clients.

Value Adding & Cost Savings
01.Waste Commoditization

While assisting clients to achieve sustainability goals, The Astor Company helps to maximize their financial benefits by commoditizing waste through programs, such as source separation, waste brokerage, and organic waste to energy.

02.Customer Care

With 24/7/365 accessibility, industry professionals at The Astor Company's call center collaborate with clients to properly identify what is needed, discuss best course of actions and follow up to maintain a sustained baseline.

03.Managed Invoicing & Reporting

The Astor Company's account payable department simplifies the invoice submission, approval and payment process for our clients. All invoices submitted to The Astor Company for validation and data processing will be consolidated into the client's dashboard, after being reviewed and authenticated.

04.Risk Management / Contingency Planning

The Astor Company prepares a full disaster-recovery plan to prevent and control losses from natural disasters. Besides our expertise and experience in the industry, we ensure full team accessibility during crucial periods and provide sub-contractor contingency plans.

How data is utilized in our service model
Data Centralization Creates Transparency

Operations Managers will be provided with workbooks, in which they will identify "waste areas".


All containers at each "waste area" will be documented. A questionnaire outlining current process will be completed.

Process Map

Process mapping for each site is developed to delivery how wastes get to these waste areas and containers.


All waste and recycling invoices and weight/material breakout information from previous years are analyzed.

Creative and analytical Data management & report
Astor Reports & Dashboard
Presenting data with a story-telling dashboard

The Astor Company closely tracks the performance of programs implemented and services offered. Analysts from The Astor Company analyze and present data weekly through a creatively designed and easy to comprehend dashboard on Excel or BI software. Comprehensive overview and detailed breakdown into specific months, regions and facilities enable clients to visualize their sustainability practices along with impacts on financial metrics easily.

Inbuilt overview delivers data up to second

Upon working with The Astor Company, will you ever lose track of the sustainability performance of your business, before the periodic comprehensive report is out? The answer is absolutely "No". A constantly updating and synchronizing overview inside our dashboard is accessible to any registered user at any time. Through this platform, you can have a quick and holistic view of services by the category, month and region. Further details and breakdowns can be acquired by requesting a comprehensive report from The Astor Company.

Interactive dashboard stores data and directs the work flow

The Astor Company's upgraded dashboard stores the whole history of all work orders for easier reference. As for different parties of users, including clients, accountants, haulers and customer services representatives, this dashboard contains a single directory to deliver and direct the work flow for those users, based on their needs.

Visualizing comparison for better choices

The Astor Company doesn't offer proposals without quantitative forecasts on potential financial and operational outcomes. Based on the on-site sustainability audit and industry knowledge, The Astor Company helps clients to select and adjust to the most appropriate and profitable program.

Making strategic decisions by data

More than simply sending past performance statistics, The Astor Company leverages reports to understand the significance of and correlation between factors, such as location, time stamp and container type, which might influence the overall result of a program. Our reports review multiple aspects, including costs, service performance trend and regulatory compliance. Our reports aim to identify underlying reasons to explain changes and assist with strategy modification.