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Sustainability Audit

The Astor Company conducts utilization assessments and waste stream audits before any further actions.

An eye-opening experience to identify type and utilization of waste generated in your facility
01. What is a waste audit? Waste auditing is a systematic method to investigate, map and analyze the waste stream within a specific facility or community.
Quantify Your Waste Stream
  • Identify categories of recyclable materials and wastes generated in the facility
  • Examine the effectiveness of the current waste management methodologies
  • Determine areas and waste categories to cut down waste management expenditures

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02. WHY YOU NEED ONE? It is the first step to understand where your business stands, to make informative decisions toward sustainability goals.
Take the First Step to
  • Measure accurate and up-to-date data of waste and other sustainability practices
  • Unlock potentials on waste cost savings and new revenue streams
  • Satisfy regulatory compliances, reporting and certification requirements

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03. HOW CAN ASTOR HELP? The Astor Company conducts on-site utilization assessments and waste audits as the base of designing and establishing proceeding programs.
Astor is capable of
  • Visiting your facility to do a comprehensive audit and assessment
  • Supplying further analytical reporting with comments and recommendations
  • Providing customized program plans as well as implementation support
04. WHAT ARE BENEFITS? Besides decreasing waste disposal costs, waste auditing can increase revenue through operation improvement and waste commoditization.
Waste Audit leads to
  • Fewer expenses on waste management
  • Higher efficiency in organizational operations and better utilization of resources
  • Greater public image as a business pursuing green initiatives
We assess, consult and strategize
The base to understand waste recycling and sustainability practices of your business