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Waste Procurement

The Astor Company streamlines the waste procurement process for you, from current service analysis to final contract negotiation.

Waste Disposal & Recycling Procurement
The Astor Company provides procurement assistances on both scheduled and call-on-time services of MSW, OCC bales, bulk items, commingled waste and etc.
Service Level & Cost Savings Analysis
The Astor Company evaluates the current service level along with costs, containers, and waste types to decide if a more appropriate service level is needed.
Equipment Usage & Right Sizing
The Astor Company helps clients to select both the type and size of equipment and containers, in order to achieve sustainability initiatives at the next higher level.
Bidding Management & Contract Negotiation
The Astor Company sends out bids, collects quotes and negotiates contract terms, including rebates, to ensure services are awarded to the hauler offering services of premium quality at competitive rates.
The Astor Company Secures the Best Fit Service at the Best Pricing

With an extensive hauler relationship built for decades and the market experience in the North America, The Astor Company is able to help clients, especially multi-location businesses, to select services of premium quality while at the best pricing available. Also, based on each area's franchising rules, The Astor Company can evaluate and select the best hauler, either at local or national service range.

The Astor Company's waste procurement services aim to help businesses spend less and wiser on waste stream while working with haulers pursuing higher sustainability goals.