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The Astor Company started as a cardboard recycling company 27 years and evolved into a premier environmental consulting firm. Astor strategizes with clients, from boutique operations to Fortune 500 companies, to help companies advance in sustainability practices. Astor has designed, implemented and managed processes that reduce carbon footprints.


Sustainability design begins with a thorough review to establish a company's status with regard to factors that influence revenue, public perceptions and environmental impacts.


The Astor Company has a proven track records of executing and implementing programs seamlessly as not to disrupt your regular operation, but to fulfill the expectation of designed programs.


An essential part of the Astor company's end-to-end solutions is the management expertise that keeps your sustainability programs running at peak efficiency while improving your bottom line.

Sustainability Audit

The Astor Company provides a complete environmental sustainability audits of your existing operations, new construction or construction-in-progress.

Recycling Management

The Astor Company's professionals manage the logistics of your programs, while constantly monitoring, measuring and fine tuning it.

Sustainability Consulting

The Astor Company offers full suite consulting to help companies to define and achieve sustainability goals.

Waste Stream Optimization

The Astor Company guides your operations through efficient transitions to realize the program goals and optimize your sustainability daily practices.

Waste Program Design

After the assessment of sustainability audits, the Astor Company designs waste programs around opportunities, assets and growth to fulfill the zero waste initiative.

Value Adding

The Astor company enriches value of your businesses through other services, such as analytical data reporting, waste commoditization, managed invocing and etc.

The Astor Company's
Energy Initiative-
"Sustainability Without Limits"


Recycling Management

The Astor Company collaborates with thousands of haulers and recycling facilities across the U.S. to discover and transfer wastes into renewable or reusable materials, under customized recycling programs.


Zero-Waste Initiative

As an evolving expert in the field of waste to energy, the Astor Company is currently exploring new applications of old technologies, including instructing, sorting and recycling systems, to achieve Zero Waste goals of clients.

Why & How to achieve zero waste initiatives in your businesses?

Zero Waste intends to guide people and businesses to design and implement products as well as processes systematically to eliminate the volume and downsize negative effects of waste. Also, instead of burning in incinerators, Zero Waste urges us to stick with the triple bottom line to recover and reuse all resources and recyclables.

Definition of Zero Waste

Zero Waste, according to the definition from Zero Waste International Alliance, is " a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary, to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials ... "

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Benefits of Zero Waste

Zero Waste generates both environmental and economical profits. By cutting down waste production, Zero Waste can reduce costs on waste disposal, management and regulatory compliances. Furthermore, Zero Waste enables businesses to promote themselves as "green businesses"...

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Steps to become Zero Waste

Not every business follows the same path to achieve Zero Waste, but the Astor Company develops several key steps applicable for most businesses. The very first thing is to instigate a thorough waste audits to discover the source, type and amount of trash. The next step is to ...

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Customized Sustainability Program for Your Business
  • Focus on sustainability goals while protecting bottom line
  • Periodic assessment and sustainability up-cycling
  • Oversight and engagement with stakeholders during implementation
  • Centralized data collection and analytical reports
  • Constant feedback, call center support and continuing education
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